Monday, October 20, 2008

Where oh where does the time go!

I cannot believe I have not posted since Oct. 2nd! Did anyone notice??

It isn't that I have not had anything to show because I have been busy sewing. I even went to NYC last week with DH. It was a wonderful experience. DH had to repair an intercom in the building where Katy Couric lives on Park Ave. in Manhattan. He needed someone to watch his car if he could not find parking. I volunteered because I love Manhattan. As it turned out, he found parking until 11 am. That left me 45 minutes to walk around the area. The area is very nice and there were a few brownstones I would love to live in. One can dream.
After my husband was finished, we drove around Manhattan and he pointed out the buildings he has worked in and told me the names of the wealthy and famous who lived in them. In the past, he has met Paul Newman, Tony Randall, Katy Couric, Jackie Kennedy, and the writer, Lillian Hellman. I always enjoyed the stories he brought home.
We continued on to Harlem and then to the new Yankee Stadium. The old one is still standing but will be demolished to make room for parking. DH asked me if I wanted to see our old neighborhood in the Bronx. I jumped at the chance. We stopped by the Catholic church we attended almost 50 years ago. The priest showed me around and told me of the changes to the church. It was, 50 years ago, a big parish and every Mass was filled. The priest said that they now only have 250 parishioners. I have to confess when I first walked into the church I became teary eyed. So many memories. The catholic school I went to was still across the street. The building I used to live in was demolished a long time ago. When we passed, a new building was there with my old address. So strange.
Some of the other things I had done was decorate the house for the Fall. This is the front of our house. I meant to take a close up of the plaque by the door. I painted it when I was a member of a local painting guild. Tomorrow I will take a close up for you. It is cute.
This is a tablerunner I was working on with my library group. I had to make templates and did a terrible job. When I started piecing it, I could not do a good job in making the points meet. It doesn't look too bad in the picture. Anyway, I made the back in this simple Halloween print.
This is the side I am using. The colors are very off in the picture. I have more to show you, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I have to get back to blogging regularly and also reading my favorite blogs!

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