Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am going to a baby shower on Saturday and purchased a gift. Of course, at the last minute I decided to make a baby quilt. I used material from my stash and had to work with what I had. As you can see from the close up, I fussy cut some of the border print and placed into the design. What I am unhappy about is that the border print is not all the same. As you can see, the top and bottom are different than the sides. I just did not have enough fabric to make the borders alike. Now looking at the quilt, I wished I had put the longer border on the sides. I can't make up my mind if I should go ahead and quilt it, hoping it will look better finished. What to do? I will let you know by Saturday what I decided.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Unproductive weekend

My brother-in-law came to our home for the weekend. Without going into details, it was a difficult time. He is 59 years old and has wasted his life and continues on the path to destruction. I pity him and the awful life he lives. As a family, since he was 16, we all tried to help him the best we knew how. Through the years we had to let go. It is a shame and such a waste of a human life.

On Monday I had my niece for lunch and enjoyed her company. Tonight I have my youngest granddaughter sleeping over. She is such a good baby.

I was able to put together block # 7 from my Wednesday group and took a picture for you. The close up shows a flowered fabric. I purchased this some years back at the Lowell museum store in Massachusetts. I also purchased the lamp in Lowell. It is made of the spools used in the old textile mills.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So why did I purchase this?

I have been kind of tired today so did not get a lot done. Yesterday, was DH's birthday so my daughter and her family, my son, Jimmy, his girlfriend and her son celebrated with us. We sat down to a big dinner and then sang Happy Birthday to the now 64 year old. DH is two weeks older than I am so 64 for me will be here soon. Where does time go?

This is #6 block from my Wednesday group. I had it finished when I noticed that 2 of the corner units were in backwards. I can't tell you how many times I looked at this block and did not notice it until I went to take a picture for the blog. Of course I had to rip it out before putting it on the blog. It now is a bit wonky.

My 8 month old granddaughter slept at out house last night so this morning we drove her to my daughter's home. We stopped at Kohl's on the way home and I saw this table. It was adjustable in height and is meant for a computer. Well, I told myself, I could use it for my serger or my featherweight. So....on impulse I bought it for 23.99 and a 15% senior discount. Did I really need this? Oh well it is put together and we will see.

As we started to leave Kohl's we heard thunder and torrential rains came down. We waited a while before DH ran out to get the car. He went to the wrong parking spot and then had the wrong car keys ready. Needless to say, he was wet to his undies. I only had to run to the car from the store front, but I did not escape from the rain. We shivered all the way home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just ran across the video for the new Bernina 830. What a dream! It has Pfaff's dual feed, a larger bobbin, large throat. I can only imagine how much it cost! Oh well, I will be satisfied with my old Bernina 930 and 1630, BUT, if I hit the mega million, I am buying one. One can dream. Check it out below and don't drool too much.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The weekend

I did not get to do any sewing this weekend. My girlfriend, Arlene, called and told me she was going to be on the Island this weekend . We have been friends since we were 14. She was my maid of honor and I was her maid of honor. Arlene lost her husband in a tragic accident over 5 years ago. She has 4 beautiful daughters. She is a strong person, but would now like someone special in her life. Her children are grown and it can get lonely. I have always admired Arlene, after Bob died she went on a trip to Italy alone. She keeps active and is fun.

We made plans for her to sleep over Saturday and go home today. Last night we decided to go to the movies and we saw Mamma Mia. I loved it. It was funny and everyone laughed in the audience. Pierce Brosnan sang off key but it was still fun. If you go to see it, do not leave at the end. People started leaving when all of sudden the singing continued and there was more. I heard this movie did not get good reviews. The scenery was beautiful, the cast funny and the music was fun. I give it thumbs up! Of course, I think a 50 and older female crowd might enjoy it more. The movie theater was in the town of Sayville, so after the movie, we walked on main street bought a drink at Starbucks and sat outside the cafe. It was so nice to talk with an old friend.

Since I have nothing new to show you, I thought something from the past would be good. The appliqued quilt was made in the 80's and finally 3 years ago I was able to cover my little granddaughter with it. The dolls I made quite some time ago.

DH and I decided to go down by the Great South Bay. The wind was blowing hard. I took several pictures but posted only one. Since it was not a clear day, you cannot see Fire Island in the horizon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little is better than nothing.

I did get a little done today. Remember that orange stash buster? Well, I appliqued some bats and a black cat on it. I intend to use black thread to quilt it; perhaps, in a web design. I also traced the ark animals from Lynette Anderson's site, a total of 5, so I can take them with me and stitch when I have a few moments. You can hardly see the kangaroo tracing.
Poor husband prepared today for his first colonoscopy tomorrow. He admitted that drinking the cocktail was pretty nasty. I had mine 2 weeks ago and he laughed when I gagged on that stuff. There is one thing I do not understand and I intend to ask the doctor. I had to drink a 10 oz. bottle of citrate of magnesia and a gallon of the awful tasting drink. The doctor had my husband take pills and only drink a half gallon of that drink. It must a man thing!
Well other than going for a walk with my husband and shopping at the supermarket, I do not know where the day went. Life can certainly slip by quickly!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have been stitching!

The week goes by so fast. I have been busy in my sewing room. Saturday I went to my library group and worked on their block of the month. When I came home, we went to a barbecue. Today I continued working on my applique block of the month and will share with you the second block. I have two more to do in order to catch up. Sometimes one needs a break from the sewing machine and too much sitting. DH and I went out to dinner and then went down to the Bay and walked around. It was breezy and beautiful. We said that the next time we would bring our chairs and sit for awhile. Maybe I could do some stitching by the water. I must take pictures of our Great South Bay to share with you. Next time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little progress

I was finally able to start on one of the applique blocks of the months. I was hoping to stay home today and work on these blocks most of the day, but daughter came over with the grandchildren so we went out for sushi. The youngest, 8 months old, is staying over tonight with us. Our daughter will come back tomorrow and spend the day again. Wednesday evening we will be picking up our grandson on the ferry from New London, Ct., and drive him the following morning to catch the ferry to Fire Island. Thursday we will have our 2 granddaughters sleep over until Friday. I also will be going to an applique class on Thursday. My life is full and sewing has to take second place at times like this. That's okay, I will catch up on my applique blocks!

I found that tilting my sewing machine made it easier to see the needle while I did the blanket stitch. This is the first block in the series and I have to do 2 more to catch up. I will receive the 4th block on Thursday. I love applique and think I will incorporate more of it in my quilts. Like everything I was intimidated by it, but once I started it wasn't so bad.

Freda's Hive has a great pieced flag on her blog. It is made of 2" squares and is a great stash buster. She has it hanging under her front porch and tells me that it has not faded. The key is to keep it out of the sun. Be sure to take a look at her blog.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Star Is Born

We laughed, I cried. It was such a joy to see the little ones performing. One little one had to be carried off the stage because she started crying. Another little girl picked up her skirt and hid her face during the dance. They all were so precious. It was a great day!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Not much to show

I did not get much sewing done, but did finish the top of the cheater blocks.

I hate to complain, but I will!! The last few days have been very costly. Our 2 little dogs were overdue to go to the vets. We finally brought them for their check ups to the tune of $407.00.(Now you know why they were overdue!) Of course, this started a roll. The following day the cesspool backed up and the cesspool man walked away with $410.00 of our money. There goes my wish for a new refrigerator with a bottom freezer!!

DH's lawnmower stopped working too, but he knew it was going. Well, our middle son, Jimmy, came to the rescue and let his dad borrow his lawnmower. Jimmy pushed the lawnmower into our garage and some gigantic bugs came hopping out of his lawnmower. They looked like something out of a science fiction movie. DH tried to get them out of the garage but only could get one. I guess the creatures ( could they be grasshoppers) are taking over my home as we speak. I hate bugs!!

Oh well, "life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get!"

Tomorrow should be fun. We are going to the dance recital of our 3 year old granddaughter, Madeline. I am sure we will enjoy the little ones as they perform for their families.