Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little progress

I was finally able to start on one of the applique blocks of the months. I was hoping to stay home today and work on these blocks most of the day, but daughter came over with the grandchildren so we went out for sushi. The youngest, 8 months old, is staying over tonight with us. Our daughter will come back tomorrow and spend the day again. Wednesday evening we will be picking up our grandson on the ferry from New London, Ct., and drive him the following morning to catch the ferry to Fire Island. Thursday we will have our 2 granddaughters sleep over until Friday. I also will be going to an applique class on Thursday. My life is full and sewing has to take second place at times like this. That's okay, I will catch up on my applique blocks!

I found that tilting my sewing machine made it easier to see the needle while I did the blanket stitch. This is the first block in the series and I have to do 2 more to catch up. I will receive the 4th block on Thursday. I love applique and think I will incorporate more of it in my quilts. Like everything I was intimidated by it, but once I started it wasn't so bad.

Freda's Hive has a great pieced flag on her blog. It is made of 2" squares and is a great stash buster. She has it hanging under her front porch and tells me that it has not faded. The key is to keep it out of the sun. Be sure to take a look at her blog.

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Mary Ann said...

Very cute, Diane!! Appliqué is such fun, isn't it?!
Cheers from Denmark!! Mary Ann