Sunday, July 20, 2008

The weekend

I did not get to do any sewing this weekend. My girlfriend, Arlene, called and told me she was going to be on the Island this weekend . We have been friends since we were 14. She was my maid of honor and I was her maid of honor. Arlene lost her husband in a tragic accident over 5 years ago. She has 4 beautiful daughters. She is a strong person, but would now like someone special in her life. Her children are grown and it can get lonely. I have always admired Arlene, after Bob died she went on a trip to Italy alone. She keeps active and is fun.

We made plans for her to sleep over Saturday and go home today. Last night we decided to go to the movies and we saw Mamma Mia. I loved it. It was funny and everyone laughed in the audience. Pierce Brosnan sang off key but it was still fun. If you go to see it, do not leave at the end. People started leaving when all of sudden the singing continued and there was more. I heard this movie did not get good reviews. The scenery was beautiful, the cast funny and the music was fun. I give it thumbs up! Of course, I think a 50 and older female crowd might enjoy it more. The movie theater was in the town of Sayville, so after the movie, we walked on main street bought a drink at Starbucks and sat outside the cafe. It was so nice to talk with an old friend.

Since I have nothing new to show you, I thought something from the past would be good. The appliqued quilt was made in the 80's and finally 3 years ago I was able to cover my little granddaughter with it. The dolls I made quite some time ago.

DH and I decided to go down by the Great South Bay. The wind was blowing hard. I took several pictures but posted only one. Since it was not a clear day, you cannot see Fire Island in the horizon.

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