Thursday, June 19, 2008

Slow but Steady

This was part of my day. I had to get blood work done for my colonoscopy and my checkup by my surgeon. It is always a problem because they can only draw blood from one arm. I have always told them that the only place that works is my hand. Of course, today this was not the case. After trying 4 times in various veins, the technician said she was determined to find a vein that worked. I laughed and said, thanks!! She did apologize and said she did not mean it like that. We laughed. What else can you do when being tortured. Thank God, the fifth time worked.

I had been busy babysitting and do not have anything much to show. I have been working slowly on the blocks from the Quiltathon given by Patchwork Times. I am using batiks from my stash.I guess I am not Quiltathon material because I cannot work at quilting as as fast as others. I admire the quilters in blogland who turn out so many quilts in a short time. I will have to get motivated because there are many different quilts I want to try.
At the quilt show, I bought black and white fat quarters; 8 total. I am anxious to use it, but have not found a pattern I like. Any suggestions out there in blogland?

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