Thursday, May 29, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Well, DH went fishing yesterday and will be home tonight. Yesterday was wonderful because I had the whole day to quilt and not worry if he needed attention. I worked on the quilt from Patchworks Times in between washing clothes and treating myself to dinner from a local restaurant.

This morning I felt guilty about neglecting the house and decided to clean before continuing my quiltathon. After all, DH did call last night and asked me what I had done during the day. I told him I did a little sewing and things around the house so the house being clean will reinforce my story.

I posted pictures of my clean living room because it is not always like this. The quilt on the chair was made with Thimbleberries fabric. Are you getting the idea that I have a thing about Thimbleberries. Anyway, this was my first attempt at using my 1630 stitches on a quilt. I ran into trouble because the quilt was already sandwiched and the stitches caused puckering. Has anyone done this and been successful? I like the look and am wondering that maybe I will have to use stitches only on the top piece and then quilt it. Would love some advice if anyone out there has done this.
DH will be home tonight and my mini vacation will be over. You know I kind of miss him.

Well, all I have left to do is wash the kitchen floor and I am free to sew!!!

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