Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Operator Error

I have not posted about my progress on the Patchworks Times Quiltathon but have been working on it. I am just slower than most. All my pieces were cut and ready to go. I have never used my rec rulers before so I looked carefully at the instructions on Patchworks site. I cut my strips for the stars and proceeded to piece them. It was not working. After several log on's to the tutorial, I proceeded again. It was not working. Saturday night I could not sleep and kept going over and over why it was not working. After several hours, I finally fell asleep. My one dream was not about the rec rulers. I dreamt that Jay Lo and Mark Anthony asked me to babysit for their children. I was torn because I would not have time to quilt never mind figuring out these rec rulers. I also wondered how much they would pay. I think I decided to not babysit.

Back to the rec rulers. The following day I looked at the pieces again. Aha, no wonder it did not work! I cut one of the strips too big. Figures, operator error!! Don 't get old! The mind does not compute like it used to.

I hope to have these stars done soon, that is if I am not busy watching Jay Lo's children!!

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That dream is hilarious. Several years ago I dreamed I was in love with Prince Charles (of all people!). I couldn't stop laughing when I woke up. Kookie because I really don't even like him.