Thursday, May 22, 2008

And then there were two!

Just thought I would share what I have been going through since the end of April. I purchased a Zen V plus mp3 player about 8 months ago and was in love. I was able to download books from the library and listen to books while I quilted, cleaned or drove to my daughter's to babysit. Then all of a sudden it died. Of course, the warranty for free labor was only for 90 days so I had to return the mp3 player and pay $25.00 to have them look at it under the remaining warranty.

I was disappointed it only lasted 8 months but sometimes you get a lemon. After a sales person told me the refurbished players were like new, I showed good faith and bought one to have while the other one was being fixed. With tax and shipping, I could have almost bought a new one. Well, it came and guess what; it did not work. Now I was really frustrated. I called and they told me to send it back and a new one would be on its way. Don't think so. Let's see when I called to find out where it was, I was told they had to wait to get refurbished ones. Not true they were still selling them on the internet. After many long distance calls I was told they would send me another one and I would have it in 2 to 3 days. When it did not come they told me an error was made and they credited my account . I had to rebuy another one and they needed my credit card number again. Well, finally one came this past Friday and the other on Monday. Of course, nothing is easy and there was letter stating that if I did not return the original mp3 player in 15 days, they would charge my credit card. They had received it on April 28th! Another long distance call and I was told to disregard the letter. Now I have to keep a close eye on my credit card and hope there will be no more mistakes.

By the way, they both work!

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