Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not much accomplished

Well, I had hoped to have a picture of my quilt all finished. I loaded it on my frame and started quilting. It looked awful so I am going to pin it on the frame and take it to my sewing machine and quilt in the ditch. Who knows, maybe I will have a picture ready by late tonight!

Just had to share. I started a diet this morning. By 11:30 am I had eaten a piece of toast, 2 bowls of granola with milk. It was skim milk! :) and I finished leftover chicken stew. Size 5 is very far away at this rate. Who am I kidding! I would settle for a 14!

I am off to the dungeon to work on my quilt.


Roberta said...
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Roberta said...

Hi Diane, Thanks so much for leaving a comment in my blog. I am leaving a comment here in the beginnings of your blog. I thought perhaps it was appropiate since I am new to blogging. Anyways, I so much enjoyed reading and viewing your blog. You have a gift for writing as well for quilting. Thanks for sharing! Roberta in NY (born in the Bronx too!)