Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've been gambling!

In the last couple of days, I have given into gambling. I have never been on ebay, but in a moment of pure innocence I looked up fabric on ebay. I told myself I would just bid real low to see what happens and I got hooked. The results are the 5 " squares pictured here and 2 expected deliveries for another charm package and a set of fat quarters. I now have to stop cold turkey because ebay keeps calling to me and little purchases add up. Not to mention, do I need more fabric!!!

I have been doing some sewing in between babysitting. The quilting on the table runner is not going as fast I had hoped. It also is far from perfect. Since it is for my use, I won't critique it too much when I use it. (Who am I kidding. I will be annoyed every time I see the stitch that swayed off a little.) My mantra will be, I will not rip it out, I will not rip it out.

Tuesday evening I went to the library group and we will be making a table runner. It requires templates. One of the templates is down right confusing. Two of the woman, kept making mistakes trying to draw this particular template. I did not even try because I did not have the template sheet with me. Also, I think I can concentrate better at home. Then again, I do not have to make it. It is times like this that I love rotary cutters and strip piecing.

You know what, I have to give it a try and challenges are good for the brain.

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Linda said...

:D I am an ebay addict :D
That is where I started my fabric stash for quilting! I did not have a rotary cutter/mat so bought some already cut from a seller and started quilting using the 9 patch pattern.
Looked at your last post for full picture- the table runner is beautiful! Great job!