Saturday, September 27, 2008

Need help

Well the top is finished. The center panel is a scanned copy of part of the baby shower invitation. I also put his first initial above the panel. Now I need help. Since this is from my stash, I only have 3 fabrics left to use as borders. I was thinking of a smaller border on the inside and a wider border on the outside of the quilt. I just cannot decide which fabrics to use. The fabrics are to the right of the quilt and I did not get a full picture of them. They are incorporated in the log cabins so you can see the prints better there. If I use the softer blue, it might look blah, but if I use the brighter yellow it may pull out the yellow too much in the blocks. Maybe the softer yellow and blue? I want to keep the borders simple so I can hurry up and finish the quilt. Any ideas?


Marilyn R said...

Of course it is hard to tell in a photograph, but I vote for the fabric on the top - the yellow with the dots. The quilt is adorable! What a great idea to use the picture on the invitation!

Linda said...

If people right click the picture and open it into a new window it enlarges it! Scroll over and you can see all the fabrics :D
Your quilt is adorable! Love that you used the invitation in it!
I would use fabric 2 of the yellow (paler) as a small border inside and the light blue wider border outside. That is just my opinion though - I absolutly LOVE blue/yellow quilts!
BTW - love your toenail polish color! :)

Anonymous said...

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