Sunday, September 14, 2008

Table Runner

The last few days have been busy with things other than sewing. I was able to put a little bit of sewing in the evenings and organizing of my fabrics. Today I woke up very lathargic and had no energy. I slept on and off for a good part of the day. We were supposed to go to my daughter's for dinner, but for the first time I did not accept the invitation. I was just not myself. Later today, I made myself go into my sewing room and was able to finish the Thimbleberries table runner top. I was surprised at how big it is, but am glad because it will go on my dining room table for the holidays. I hope to have it quilted by machine tomorrow so I can sew on the binding at my quilting group on Tuesday evening.

I was able to borrow the quilting book from my library that was on Patti's blog She made the most adorable bear quilt with small log cabins. The book has some lovely quilts, but all those little log cabins look tedious. I would consider one of the quilts in the book for the upcoming shower, but am afraid that I would not finish it in time. I will put it on my list of to do quilts.

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