Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Today the grandchildren came over and we watched them for awhile.

After dinner, DH and I went to the Bay to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool breeze. The first thing we saw was this lovely flower growing among the reeds by the dock. The tide was unusually low and we were told it was a full moon tide. As you can see, the evening sky was clear. We were able to see Fire Island but unfortunately it is not visible in the picture. We stayed to see the sunset and considered ourselves lucky to be able to enjoy all this that is only minutes from our home.

I received an invitation to a baby shower
in October. My daughter told me that the new mother will be decorating the baby's room in an all sports theme. I am hoping that I can find some fabric or pattern for a quilt with that same theme. I would like it to be more babyish looking than the fabric I have seen for older boys. If any of you know of fabric that you think would be appropriate, please email me.

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