Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, I finished the quilt on the way to and back from the baby shower. Yes, I was too insecure to give it as a gift. My daughter gets mad at me because I always feel like my quilts are not good enough. I know the imperfections. Anyway I quilted it on my Grace frame but had a lot of trouble with the new thread I used. It is a rainbow thread from Superior and it just kept shredding and breaking. The quilting is very simple since I am fairly new to this type of machine quilting.
When I took the quilt out in the car to sew down the binding, I noticed a slight musty smell. My sewing room is in the basement and some of the batting has been around a while. Do you wash your quilts before giving them as gifts? I would love to have some feed back on this from my fellow bloggers. This one for sure will have to be washed!


Candace said...

Hi, we seem to have some things in common. I'm 62, so about the same age, and I also am always afraid that what I do may not be good enough. I figure that it is a hobby that I do because I enjoy it, and hopefully, others enjoy it too, but if not that's ok. I really wanted to join a Christmas swap recently, but was afraid that my gifts might disappoint, so this year I'm sitting it out and working on my quilting and my confidence. I'm about ready to quilt a 48x62 quilt on my Juki, and I'm rather nervous about it, I usually send out to a LA, but am trying to do more myself, for economy, and for being able to say I made it completely. I don't have a frame, but have seen some beautiful work done by people without the frame, so I'm hoping to be able to do something passable. Wish me luck. I think your quilt looks great, and yes I wash my quilts before giving.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

How well do I know this feeling LOL!! Been there, done this. But, baby quilts are the best way to increase your confidence!! The baby will be able to spit up on that quilt, etc., etc. and she/he won't care if there are crooked seams or mistakes in there. I prewash all my fabrics, and don't usually wash the quilt before giving it, but if some thing's a bit crooked or has a pucker, I just toss it in the washer and dryer and it usually comes out great. Have you tried a special embroidery needle for quilting with that kind of thread? That helps for some of the special threads I use. Or check for a burr on your needle plate. Good luck and find another baby (or the same one!) to give the quilt to :-).

BTW, the borders look great! If you are bothered by different borders, you could also add corner stones to the quilt instead of having a striped border go to the edge. I'm a very symmetrical person and often agonize over my borders the same way LOL.

Hugs, Jacqui in CAnada

Linda said...

That quilt is absolutely adorable!!! I love the color choices! IMHO(in my honest opinion) I highly doubt anyone looks at the seams, quilting, etc... they look at the overall picture and just.... Wow! YOu really did a great job! Be proud of it and share it with others! I am a beginner sewer, always will be in my eyes as there is always more to learn! You did a great job!
I always wash my quilts after they are totally done. I love to see how it "poofs" around the quilting and creates it's own personality! :)
Great job!