Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playing with my grace machine frame

I played around with my little grace frame last night and quilted this little lap quilt. I took a picture of my bedroom so you could see that the roses came from sheets I bought a few years ago and made into valances and table top and at one point had covered a headboard. I recently bought a new headboard and used the fabric to incorporate into this little quilt. To give you an idea of what the head board looked like covered by fabric, I added a picture of our blue guest room. These were also sheeets. I never got around to covering the legs.

In this room, I also have the bottom of a treadle machine that is used as a stand for a small tv and lamp. Unfortunately, I foolishly threw away the cabinet and machine because they were in such poor condition. Sorry the pictures are not in order.

I wanted to add that the binding on the quilt was made using elmer's glue. This technique is from a video from Sharon Shamber. I think it is great.


Margo said...

Saw this on Yahoo...congratulations..I have a short arm and am learning to do something different than meandering...just got a Quilters Cruise Control....I have a Brother 1500 and a super quilter original..your quilting looks great and you will improve...never feel 'less than' about giving away a quilt....homemade is the best and people really appreciate it...we all began and we do improve that is what makes it nice...I am better than I was a year ago and will be better a year from now...nice blog...Maine

Candace said...

I have just discovered your blog, and been looking around. I love the pictures of your house, it's beautiful, and your sewing room is great. You have quite a stash, and have done lots of really pretty quilts.